Freight transport worldwide

We at Transport Partners have over 20 years of freight transport experience. Transport Partners offers full service freight transport solutions: from trucking, air freight transport and sea freight to warehousing, transport insurance and custom formalities. Submit a rate request if you like us to provide you a competitive offer to transport a boat or any other transport of freight.  

Transport a boat, car or oversized cargo?

Within the global logistical market, Transport Partners is well-known for shipment of yachts, boats and any other oversized cargo. To transport a boat successfully, extensive knowledge, experience and equipment is required. For instance, to transport a boat with a beam of more than 2,50 meter you require a specialized truck permitted to transport out of gauge cargo. Therefore, in order to successfully transport your freight, we work with the best trucking, air freight and sea shipping companies in the market.

Transport Freight value added services

The value of efficient, on-time landside transport freight services is often underrated. We help you to ensure that your goods get to the right place at the right time, whilst having all the documentation correctly in place. In short, our value added services for your landside transport of freight:

  • Freight transport insurance
  • Custom clearance
  • Inland transportation (e.g. transport a boat)
  • Warehouse facilities