Cargo freight by plane

Our air cargo freight departments offer professional freight shipment services worldwide at competitive rates. In order to successfully deliver your cargo freight, we have dedicated agents working in more than 200 countries through the Five Star Freight System Network. Our cargo freight services include customs formalities, trucking, arranging partial and full air charters, courier service and storage in our own warehouses.

Freight shipment by sea, air or land

Transport Partners is a global freight shipment  provider. With various facilities throughout the world, we are capable of fulfilling every required step in completing your freight shipment efficient, with care and for competitive prices. Please feel free to request a rate for your freight shipment.

Yacht and boat transport

Transport Partners is internationally leading in yacht and boat transport. We have the expert knowledge and experience to successfully complete all logistical steps in shipping your yacht. Regardless of the size of your boat or yacht, we are confident to promise you that we’ll make sure it reaches its destination.