Shipping and freight worldwide

Transport Partners is a global shipping and freight organization, with specialization in boat transport and any other oversized cargo delivery. From our head office in the Netherlands, branch offices in the USA and Dubai and through our membership of the Five Star Freight System (worldwide network of strictly selected forwarders), we are able to take care of the shipping and freight of your cargo, from and to any location in the world.

Boat Transport Specialist

Transport Partners is internationally recognized as an expert in boat transport. Since 1990, we have developed specialized knowledge and experience necessary for successful boat transport. Nowadays, we organize the shipping and freight of more than 5.000 boats per year. We take the utmost care of your boat transport, regardless of its size, location and destination.

Cargo delivery: full-service approach

We at Transport Partners are committed to support you with all your logistical needs: from customs formalities and transport insurance to freight packaging and cargo delivery. We are able to provide you with a full-service cargo delivery approach, making sure your freight reaches its destination efficiently and with care.

Are you seeking a partner for your boat transport? Or for the shipping and freight of any other (oversized) cargo? Submit a rate request for your cargo delivery and we are more than happy to provide you with a competitive offer.